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Summer 2021 Back-end
Development Internship

Work with seasoned developers, make your code better, improve your management skills, see what it's like to work with Silicon Valley startups.
Nowy Świat,
6 weeks,
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aspiring devs
About SwingDev
We're an international boutique development company with offices in Warsaw, Cape Town, Florianópolis, and San Francisco. We work with startups and high-growth companies from Silicon Valley and other US tech hubs. Most of our projects come through our well-known partners, such as Sequoia, Y Combinator, GV, and other VCs. The companies we work for really change the world through technology.

You don't get there just by writing decent code. You need to be creative, have a gut for business, meet demanding security standards, and always think a few steps ahead. That's what we'll start teaching you here.
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Why is it worth it
Good developers come in many different shapes – just as mustaches! That's why we will approach you individually to find out what are your biggest strengths as a programmer and to bring out the best in you.

Although we're on a lookout mostly for aspiring back-end developers, we may find some interesting challenges for you even if you're more into front-end. Oh, and don't expect any meaningless, purely theoretical tasks. You will be working on real tasks and solving real problems.

You will learn

  • Mostly backend (Node.js) and some frontend
  • The secrets of writing good code and dozens of software engineering tricks
  • How products for Silicon Valley startups are made
  • How to use Agile methodology
  • How to work as a team
  • How to manage projects efficiently
There are also a few secondary perks. We will pay you 3000 PLN gross (umowa zlecenie), and provide snacks in our beautiful office located at the heart of Warsaw, at Nowy Świat.

We're looking for

Students and aspiring developers who are passionate about coding and want to grow rapidly. You don't need to be a student of a specific degree – we care about your potential, not formal education.

You should have:

  • Some knowledge of JavaScript
  • Some knowledge of TypeScript or another strongly-typed language
  • Basic familiarity with Express or Hapi framework
  • Basic knowledge of at least one database system, e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, elasticsearch
  • Some experience working with and/or creating REST APIs
  • Familiarity with Git
  • Good command of English (written & spoken)
  • Strong communication and teamwork skills

You will get extra points for:

  • A profile on GitHub with personal projects
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related fields (finished or currently enrolled)
  • Understanding of design patterns and object-oriented programming
  • Familiarity with NestJS framework
Meet your mentor
Stosiu has been working with Silicon Valley startups for more than five years. He's built dozens of products from scratch and helped multiple TechCrunch-mentioned companies grow. His career began exactly like yours may. He started as an intern at SwingDev 5.5 years ago. As he matured and became a Senior Full-stack Developer, he wants to help others who are in the same position as he was a few of years ago to reach their dreams and find the desired career path.
Stosiu Senior Full-stack Developer
The recruitment process

Application and assignment

Sign up using the link on our website. The applications will be open between 19.04.2021 - 09.05.2021. Once we receive your application the task will be sent to you automatically.

You have till 16.05.2021 to solve the task and send it back to us. We will check the tasks manually, so don't expect immediate feedback.

Short interview

Between 01-16.06.2021 we'll check the recruitment tasks and call the candidates who proposed the best solutions to the assignment for a quick phone interview.

Welcome on board!SwingMaStaż

Before 21.06.2021 we'll inform everyone who applied whether they got in or not. We have 4 spots for the internship in 2021. The internship starts on 19.07.2021, and lasts 6 weeks, till 27.08.2021.

Most common questions

Will the interns be hired at SwingDev after the internship?
It depends. We will consider each case separately. The current project needs will be a strong decision criteria. Last year we had 4 people participating in the summer internship and 2 of them are currently working at SwingDev as Junior Front-end Developers.
Will the internship take place in the office? Can I work remotely?
The internship will be run in our office in Warsaw. We will consider only candidates who can come to the office for the 6 weeks of the internship.

Our office is fantastic loft style space in downtown Warsaw (Nowy Świat) with numerous commuting options and a space for your bike.

Of course, this year the situation depends on the official regulations, but we hope we will be able to run the internship at our office like last year.
Will interns get the same benefits package as the regular employees?
No, we can't provide you with the same benefits package for the 6 weeks of the internship. Despite that we want to give you a fair remuneration and as much of the SwingDev vibes as we can.

We will pay you 3000 pln gross based on a contract of mandate (umowa zlecenie). Of course you will be able to enjoy all the nice things in our office. Apart from the basics, we have snacks and fresh ice-cream, and a chill room with table football & Playstation 4.
When will I get the recruitment task?
The task will be sent to you automatically when we receive your application form. If you don't receive yours in 24 hours from submitting your application from, contact Alicja at alicja@swing.dev.

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