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Work with seasoned developers on innovative products for the hottest Silicon Valley startups. Make your code better, improve your management skills, learn how to approach clients.
Nowy Świat,
6 weeks,
July - August
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aspiring devs
About SwingDev
A Polish-American boutique development company, working almost exclusively with the most promising startups from Silicon Valley and New York.

We’re trusted partners of many firms that change the world through technology. You don’t get there just by writing decent code. You need to be creative, have a gut for business, meet demanding security standards, and always think a few steps ahead. That’s what we’ll start teaching you here.
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Why is it worth it
Good developers come in many different shapes – just as mustaches! That’s why we will approach you individually to find out what are your biggest strengths as a programmer and to bring out the best in you. We hand-pick every candidate to make the internship a truly unique and valuable experience.

Although we’re on a lookout mostly for front-end developers, we may find some interesting challenges for you even if you’re more into back-end. Oh, and don’t expect any meaningless, purely theoretical tasks. You will be working on real products and solving real problems.

There are also a few secondary perks. We will pay you 3000 PLN gross (type of contract of your choosing), and provide snacks in our beautiful office located at the heart of Warsaw, at Nowy Świat.
We’re looking for
Students and aspiring developers who are passionate about coding and want to grow rapidly. You don’t need to be a student of a specific degree - we care about your potential, not formal education.
To get in, you need to know the basics of JavaScript. The knowledge of TypeScript or another strongly-typed language will be a plus. The same goes for the knowledge of English, but you’ve probably noticed it by now ;)
You will learn
  • How products for Silicon Valley startups are made
  • The secrets of writing good code and dozens of software engineering tricks
  • How to manage projects efficiently
  • How to use Agile methodology
  • How to talk to clients and make them fall in love with your ideas
  • How to work in an international environment – we also have programmers from the US, Brazil and South Africa on board
  • You will get proficient in several tools, including Jira, GitHub, Typescript, Jest, Cypress, Docker, CircleCI.
Meet your mentor
Stosiu is one of these guys who are not afraid of facing up to challenges and enjoy acquiring knowledge as much as sharing it. His career began exactly like yours may. He started as an intern at SwingDev 4.5 years ago. As he matured and became a Senior Javascript Developer, he wants to help others who are in the same position as he was a few of years ago to reach their dreams and find the desired career path.
Stosiu Senior Javascript Developer
The recruitment process
After signing up, you’ll get access to a recruitment task. Take your time, ask us questions if you have any doubts, don’t hurry – you don’t need to solve it immediately.

Later, we’ll have a quick chat with the candidates who proposed the most interesting solutions in the first phase, and that’s it.
Time to solve the recruitment task
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A quick phone call with selected candidates
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We let you know if you got in
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The internship starts

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