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The Client

Ben Jaimen is an LA-based entrepreneur, as well as a successful singer-songwriter.

He always saw social media as a gateway to unleash the creativity of people and bring them together through art. Before founding ZigZag, he was working as a manager at Sony Music and Piranha Records. He was also a partner in an angel investment firm that helped some popular global startups.

Scope: Design, Development

Tech Stack: Native iOS (Swift), High scalability backend with video streaming



We are co-creating a social media platform for recording videos with friends. The iOS app allows users to shoot and edit videos, gather followers, and find the best videos on a feed.

Our work

Imagine singing “Happy Birthday” to your friend with 10 friends online! ZigZag allows you to co-create short videos with friends and share them.

It sports an integrated newsfeed, user profiles, simple video editing features, and a search engine for memes and animated GIF-s. It's a unique combination of ideas known from Instagram and TikTok with an additional twist.

We got this project after the initial proof of concept was created by another company, and took care of native mobile development. Our first task was to improve the code quality and work on the API with a back-end team.

Then, we collaborated with them on expanding the functionality. The latest version of ZigZag works more efficiently than the previous one and introduces many new features.

ZigZag Features

"I love how professional everything is, they guarantee me high quality. To me, SwingDev are rockstars"

Ben Jaimen
Ben Jaimen
CEO, ZigZag

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