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The Client

HrtBeat Audio is a wearable hardware and mobile software company that creates products for people who live actively.

Their devices enrich training experience by providing such features as wireless audio, walkie-talkie and voice assistants. Thanks to hands-free control and built-in speakers users can engage with the world and stay safe & aware during their outdoor sessions. HrtBeat’s first project is a smart harness called ROBN.

Scope: Design, Development

Tech Stack: Native iOS (Swift) with BLE integration

PlatformsiOS, Android


We were working with several hardware and software teams around the world to create a companion app for a smart harness for exercise lovers. We went beyond the scope to deliver crucial firmware elements and secured the launch of the device.

Our work

We have developed a companion app for ROBN smart harness.

The app connects with the device via Bluetooth and allows to track activity stats and engage voice connections, among other features. We also took care of the design. All of the vital information needed to be available at a glance, to minimize users’ time with their phones during workouts.

Engaged with the project from the very beginning, SwingDev worked with several prototypes and hardware teams from the US and South Korea. Our team helped to launch ROBN on time by implementing some of the firmware elements that another third-party contractors struggled with.


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