Hippo Bloat

Improving the home buying & selling process

Hippo Bloat

The Client

Valued at over 1 billion dollars, Hippo is a company that reinvents the property insurance market in the US.

Thanks to the use of machine learning it can offer potential clients quotes in 60 seconds. The whole process of getting a policy takes only a few minutes and can be done 100% online. Properties and assets insured by Hippo are worth 50 billion dollars in total.

Scope: Development

Tech Stack: TypeScript, NestJS, React

Hippo Bloat

Platform: Web


We created a web app for a disruptive insurance company. We finished on time and the client was happy to expand our partnership to a couple of other projects.

Our work

Hippo Bloat provides clients financial protection tied to a home inspection. We were given a task of building the web app for Bloat as fast as possible.

The pilot program run by Hippo turned out to be very successful, and the company didn’t want to lose clients’ interest.

The biggest challenge for developers was to choose the most optimal solutions to ensure that the project will be finished on time, but also reliable and secure. An external audit confirmed that chosen technologies were in fact the most suitable ones for the situation.

Hippo BloatHippo Bloat

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