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We are a team of top-tier developers, designers and business leaders who make digital products successful. We only work on things we believe in – sharing your excitement and fully committing to the project is our recipe for extraordinary results.

Key Facts

What Makes Us Different

A boutique approach

We hand-pick projects we engage in – we want you, as a client, to always feel cared for and special, and our team to love your product as much as you do. We hire the best to work with the best.

No culture gap

Our founders come both from Poland and the US – we know what to do to bridge the gap between different working cultures and make your experience a pleasure.

Business acumen

By partnering closely with leading US VCs, we live in the startup environment. No matter if we are talking about engineering or business, we know what works, and what doesn’t.

Long-term efficiency

Save yourself future trouble – you can’t afford to go with a cheaper team. Our engineers work faster and more efficiently than most. Moreover, their solutions minimize product maintenance costs.

At SwingDev, software development and consulting is an approachable, efficient service done with integrity.

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Honesty, integrity, and transparency

We approach every project as true partners in your success. We are not a team of "yes-men" who will let you follow the wrong path. Our product managers and engineers are trained in a culture that promotes 100% transparency. We are always on the lookout for our client's best interests – your success is our success.

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Adjustable Process

No matter if you are just starting up or represent a mature organization. We gained our experience through working on hundreds of projects, and can easily tune in to your process.

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Our project managers participate in constant communications and leadership training to ensure that you have the best partner to work with you to find the best solutions for your specific challenge.

Everything you need in one place
We are not just software engineers – SwingDev also offers top-notch designers, testers with an eye for detail, and business consultancy. These are all the key components to make your product a success, from napkin drawings to a seamless launch.
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Top Software Engineers
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World-class Design team
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QA / Testing Team
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3D / AR Team

Meet our Management Team

Jo Overline Photo

Jo Overline

Co-Founder, CEO, SwingDev

Marcin Mincer Photo

Marcin Mincer

Co-Founder, COO, SwingDev

Tomek Kopczuk Photo

Tomek Kopczuk

Co-Founder, CTO, SwingDev

Jennifer Loftus Photo

Jennifer Loftus

Founder, SwingSearch Co-founder, SwingDev

Mandy Edmund Photo

Mandy Edmund

Managing Partner, SwingSearch Co‑Founder, Swingdev

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